• 983 23 3M fluorescent Yellow
  • 983 23 3M fluorescent Yellow on truck
  • 983 23 3M fluorescent Yellow on truck

3M 983 – 23 Retro-Reflective Vehicle Conspicuity Rigid Marking Tapes Fluorescent yellow/green


  • Available in bright fluorescent yellow/green colour
  • Available in 55mm x 3m (Width x Length) roll
  • Also available in 76mm x15m and 76mm x 45.7m rolls
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  • 3M Retro-Reflective Vehicle Conspicuity Marking Tapes meet compliance of the UNECE R104 Mandatory European regulations; Australian Design Rule 13/00, 2005 and 2019; and the Australian Design Rule 13/00, 2005, Australian Truck Association (ATA) Industry Technical Council Advisory Procedure (TAP) for Heavy Vehicle Visibility
  • 3M Class 1A Diamond Grade™ Vehicle and Conspicuity Marking Tape
  • 983 Rigid Edge Sealed Series are suitable for flat, rigid surfaces
  • Excellent water resistance and non-corroding
  • Easy application to trucks, trailers and large vehicles and other smaller hard surfaces such as gates and machinery equipment
  • 3M 983 Rigid Edge Sealed Series are Retro-Reflective Vehicle Conspicuity Marking Tapes. 
  • 3M 983 Series are continuous rigid tape, perfect for increasing visibility and safety on virtually any hard surface.
  • The innovative Class 1A Diamond Grade™ microprismatic sheeting provides superior retro-reflectivity where the utmost visual effectiveness is required day and night, alerting more road users faster and earlier. 
  • They also have excellent weather resistance and no dirt and water penetration due to edge sealing. 
  • The pressure sensitive adhesive allows for easy application to trucks, trailers and large vehicles. 
  • The new mini roll sizes 3m and 15m also can be used on other hard surfaces such as gates, barriers and posts, and workplace machinery. 
  • Before applying, ensure that the rigid surfaces, (typically are either aluminium, stainless steel and automotive paint), are clean, smooth, flat and dimensionally stable. 
  • Avoid low surface energy plastics.

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3 Metres, 15 Metres, 45.7 Metres