About Us

Based in Adelaide, Australia, our Company, VISIBLE Trucks, is an approved Australian Distributor / Supplier and Specialist Applicator of 3M Transportation Safety Advanced Conspicuity Marking Tapes (CMT) for Pavements and for Large Vehicles.

We also provide specialist consulting services on applications and supply a selection of essential application tools and accessories to help installation of the Tapes.

Our current product-range includes:

  •       Conspicuity Retroreflective Marking Tapes for Vehicles
  •       Conspicuity Retroreflective Marking Tapes for Pavements, both Temporary and Permanent
  •       Application tools and accessories to help installation of the Tapes

Our Sales Team-Members will always be delighted to help with any inquiries and we are always fully committed to supplying and providing the best quality Tapes, money can buy. We are dedicated to helping you pick the correct type of Tapes (such as type, colour, width, pattern, location) for your job or application. It can be a daunting and challenging task choosing the right Tapes as there are many different regulations which are to be strictly followed.

It is very important that the correct type, colour, width, pattern and location of Marking Tapes are to be installed, because Specifications of Marking Tapes are legal requirements in different regulations, circumstances and scenarios, e.g. the use of White Conspicuity Marking Tapes are to be installed at the frontside of a large vehicle; as per the ECE R104 Regulation, as applicable in Europe, Asia and Australia.

We believe in providing the maximum safety to large vehicle owners, operators, and occupants, and on pavements, to minimise severity of casualties, property damages and trauma that could occur due to road crashes. As a moral responsibility towards society at large, and industry as well, we want to enhance visibility of vehicles to make them safer.

A selection of different types of Conspicuity Marking Tapes and tools/accessories is available on our online store.